Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I missed your kiss. I’ll be damned if I don’t.

Well, my love for you has never been this sincere; it killed all my fears—of getting hurt, of living in hell, and of being unkissed.
You are here with me again and I let you be. I wish we can stay this way until we see forever in each other’s eyes.
I love you and every moment that I am with and without you; because I know deep in my heart that I am inside yours— all the time, everyday, forever.
The truth is, though time stopped me from thinking about you, my heart never fails to continue loving you, every bit of you, everything that is yours.
This time is one of the best moments of my life, because you keep me from dying by giving me your love through a kiss—the only thing I really need in this life.
Days seem to fly so fast… but who cares? If everyday you are the person whom I’ll be thinking about, whom I’ll be living for, whom I’ll kiss until the end.
Everything that I am today is because of you. You made me live again; the same way you did when we first saw each other’s eyes.
Hell, it’s you and me again. Nothing can ever be as happifying as I am with you. I never want to be without you again.
I want to love you until I ran out of words to say, until the death of my soul, until Kingdom comes.
I always love you. You deserve it. You deserve me. You can make me live with your love alone.
I don’t need no one, nobody, and nothing else… just you, only you.
Tonight is supposed to be just another night. But with you here in my life again, tonight is endless. My heart cannot dare find the exact words to express what I am feeling right now, and that is why I haven’t stopped talking just yet.
But if you will promise me that you will silence me with your goddamned kiss then let me just say these last few words. It won’t take long… okay, here it is.

I love you, yesterday, now, tomorrow, forever.

And I will love you more and more as time takes us to the forever that we wish to see… for now, take this kiss as an evidence that I am so in love with you.
And feel that I am breathing only because I can feel you breathing inside my mouth.
I love you.
Kiss me more.
I missed you.

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