Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nostro Amore Storia*

When everything feels so right, how could you be so wrong?
I opt to do the right decision, without knowing that you're the only right thing to ever come.

As the world moves, I am still. Watching your every breath.

As the world says hello, I told you goodbye.

To love you is hard. To leave you is the hardest.
I've been selfish while you loved me selflessly.
You loved me. And all of my mistakes you loved as well.

I risked the fall, as well as the sin.

I succumbed to my feelings which defeated my mind.
The thought that you were wrong was replaced with a feeling of love.

When I loved you, I've loved you with all of my heart.
And to miss you, or to let you go, is merely what my mind has to do.

The risks, the tears, the sin.
You are worth everything at all.

When I told you to leave me, that was when I loved you the most.

For I know you won't leave. I know you will not give me up.
And I was right. Up to now, I am right.

You are the sweetest sin. The greatest risk. The true love.

I am yours now. And that's because I love you.

You were the only option. The greatest chance.
You are everything I've ever wanted.

I know, I feel and I believe you are.

*Sp. Our Love Story

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